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What is a ?
Web3ite Pass is an ecosystem credential to connect the Web2 and Web3. Each Pass is an Ethereum ERC-721 NFT and corresponds to a unique "" domain name, e.g. an "abc" Pass corresponds to "".
Key of Showcase Page
Web3ite Pass owners can create and edit a display page with the same domain name. This showcase page can display multi-dimensional information about a person or organization.
Web3 Identity
On the Ethereum mainnet, owners can use their domains as their on-chain identities. Apart from Ethereum, plans to explore deployment with other blockchains with the aim of integrating data from multiple chains.
Integrate Web2 and Web3
As vital infrastructure of the Internet, the traditional domain name system enjoys wide consensus and recognition, and we believe that Web3 cannot and should not leave this consensus behind. Therefore, Web3ite Pass tries to integrate the consensus of traditional domain names in the off-chain world into Web3, such as using NFTs to assign ownership of domain names, and applying DNS domain names to the blockchain based on existing protocols and infrastructure. We give DNS domain names unprecedented value with the characteristics of blockchains.
Easy to disseminate
With the consensus that has developed with traditional DNS domains, the domains are memorable and easy to disseminate, perfect for Web3 explorers to use, and are a natural focus of the attention of the Web3 community.


The Web3ite Pass early bird sales have ended, and the official sales have not yet started. At the current stage, we will carry out a range of various activities. If you would like to get a unique '’ domain name, you can join our Discord or follow our official Twitter for more information regarding the events and the next phase of the sales. Also, you can get the latest article announcements and updates on the project through this page.
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